Thursday, January 23, 2020

We will start by taking the time to understand where you are with your project and how we can best assist you take things forward.

You may be considering buying or investing in a property or a possible development site and want to explore its potential and various design alternatives. We can undertake everything from spatial layout feasibility assessing development densities to full detailed site investigation feasibility.

Perhaps you want to take a fresh look at your existing home and are considering some redesign to meet your changing needs. We can work through the options with you.

Every project is unique and presents different opportunities and design options and requires an individual tailored approach. We thrive on ensuring your project will be original and bespoke but will benefit for our wealth of professional design and development experience.

Whatever your project requires to deliver we will assist you to make it successful.

Let us take the next steps with you to progress your thoughts on your project. Call John today and arrange a first meeting at your convenience.

We can tailor any of the following services to best meet your needs.

Undertake a feasibility study or design options appraisal of existing site or building

Undertake Pre-planning enquiry and discussion with Local Authority

Prepare schematic or ‘artist impressions’ design drawings

Prepare detailed building plans

Customise existing plans and adapt to meet current requirements

Compile/submit Planning Application if required

Prepare detailed drawings to comply with current building regulations

Submit Building Warrant drawings if required

Prepare tender documents and issue to and/or appoint building contractor.

Oversee the project from construction to completion

Conduct final construction inspections

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